Efficiency and sustainability

Save the environmental way

Economical and eco-friendly cooling and freezing.

Miele freezers achieve top ratings for energy efficiency. With its current range of refrigeration appliances, Miele demonstrates that high-performance power levels and energy-saving can be achieved simultaneously. Miele invests in the continuous development of modern technologies such as the optimisation of the refrigeration circuit and insulation. And with success, as almost all Miele freezers achieve the best A++ or A+++ ratings for energy efficiency. This shows that Miele appliances consume between 23 % and 60 % less electricity than is required (55) for energy efficiency class A. As a refrigeration appliance is in use 24 hours a day, every day over many years, this benefit goes straight to your pocket and is gentle on the environment. Miele freezers are always an excellent choice – for your home and the environment.

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