Highest condensation efficiency for Miele dryers

Reduced humidity protects you and your home

Miele exceeds brcondensation efficiency rating A

Miele dryers condense moisture from textiles with around 50  %* greater efficiency than the regulations for efficiency rating A require. This is calculated by comparing the moisture levels of the textiles before the drying process with what has later gathered in the condensate drawer.brThe following list explains the main differences for a drying cycle with an 8 kg load:

Quality door seal system prevents moisture loss

The Miele tumble dryers' outstanding door seal system is a significant marker of quality and also the reason behind its consistently high level of efficiency. A special drum door seal with Kevlar® fibres achieves optimum impermeability values. The moisture cannot escape via the door and stays inside the appliance.

Particularly air tight for excellent room air

During the drying process, Miele tumble dryers condense moisture from clothing so efficiently that only a small amount escapes into the room air. The less humidity in living and utility rooms, the lower the risk of mould forming on ceilings and walls. This allows you to install your tumble dryer wherever you like, even in a room without windows or in a low-energy home.

Condensation efficiency rating B

Approximately br750 ml* of moisture is expelled to atmosphere during the drying process. This is roughly the content of three small water bottles.

50 % less than condensation efficiency class A

Only approx. 250 ml of moisture is expelled into the atmosphere from Miele tumble dryers – roughly the content of one small water bottle.

Optimum efficiency in the shortest possible time

Miele drying technology puts user-friendliness first. As such, Miele tumble dryers deliver the very best results in the shortest amount of time. In doing so, however, 50 %* less moisture is released into the room air than is required for condensation efficiency rating A.

Condensation efficiency rating A

For this efficiency class, not more than 500 ml or 2 small bottles of water must be expelled to the atmosphere.

Features depend on model. Images are only examples and used for explanation purposes

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