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F 1472 Vi
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F 1472 Vi

MasterCool freezer with individual water and ice cube supply thanks to integrated IceMaker.
  • No icing up of food and no need to defrost thanks to Frost free
  • Ice cubes ready whenever you need them with the IceMaker
  • Perfect illumination thanks to halogen emitters - BrilliantLight
  • Infinitely height-adjustable internal containers - Drop and Lock
  • Pull out drawers to full depth for easy filling.

What’s included

  • Ice cube tray

Product data sheet

Construction type
Built-in appliance
Integrated appliance
Door hingeLeft
Side-by-side enabled
User convenience
Drop and Lock
Operating conceptTouchControl
Independent temperature regulation of fridge and freezer zonesNo
Fridge/Fridge section
No. of shelves2
Full-width door shelves1
Freezer/Freezer section
Through-the-door ice and water dispensing
Number of freezer drawers/basketsQty 2
Efficiency and sustainability
Energy efficiency class (A+++ to G)A+
Annual energy consumption in kWh292
Energy consumption per 100 l in 24 h in kWh0.80
Acoustic door alarm
Acoustic temperature alarm
Optical door alarm
Optical temperature alarm
Technical data
Niche width in mm max457
Niche height in mm min2134
Niche height in mm max2164
Niche depth in mm629
Appliance width in mm451
Appliance height in mm2127
Appliance depth in mm610
Weight in kg139.00
Door hinge technologyFixed door
Max. door front weight – refrigerator, in kg65
Climate classSN-T
Refrigerator compartment in l0
4* freezer compartment in l192
Storage time in case of fault13
Freezer capacity in kg/24 h14.00
Sound power in dB(A) re1pW41
Current consumption (mA)1.200 A
Voltage in V220-240
Fuse rating in A10
Frequency in Hz50
Length of supply lead in m2.20
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Downloads, CAD & Apps
Whether you are looking to replace an appliance or plan a new kitchen – you will find all the relevant installation drawings for your Miele appliance here. Please note that our products should only be installed and maintained by authorised experts. In the event of queries, please ring us for some no-obligation advice!


F1471Vi, F1472Vi, dimensions of appliance, MasterCool (Sketch) *Footnote

A = 457 mm


Opening angle 115°, MasterCool (Sketch) with footnote

A) Appliance door width

F 1411 Vi

F 1471 Vi

F 1472 Vi: 525 mm

F 1811 Vi

KF 1811 Vi: 829 mm

F 1911 Vi

KF 1911 Vi: 982 mm

KWT 1611 Vi: 677 mm

KWT 1612 Vi: 677 mm

B) Furniture front (max. 38 mm)

C) Door handle

D) Distance between appliance door and the wall (excluding furniture front and door handle)

F 1411 Vi

F 1471 Vi: 234 mm

F 1811 Vi

KF 1811 Vi: 363 mm

F 1911 Vi

KF 1911 Vi: 428 mm

KWT 1611 Vi: 299 mm


F1471Vi, F1472Vi, inserting angle trims, MasterCool (Sketch)


F1471Vi, F1472Vi, securing fixing frame, MasterCool (Sketch) with footnote

- Mark gap X on the inside of the furniture front.

- Similarly

locate and mark the midpoint Y on the furniture front.

- Remove the fixing frame from the appliance door and position it according to the markings on the furniture front.

- Pre-drill the holes.

- Screw the fixing frame to the furniture front

using at least on screw for each fixing point.

- Secure the fixing frame to the top of the furniture front

using at least 10 screws.


Laying of cabling and pipework, MasterCool, MasterCool II (Sketch)


Side by side assembly, MasterCool (footnote) (installation drawings)

1. side wall heater


ventilation area of niche, MasterCool (Sketch)


Side-by-side, MasterCool, with partition wall, with heating mat (Sketch) (with footnote)

1) Heating mat


Side by side assembly, MasterCool (Sketch)


Side-by-side, MasterCool, without partition wall, with heating mat (Sketch) (with footnote)

1) Heating mat KSK 2001 (EU


CN) or KSK 2002 (US




1 . All product prices include 20% VAT
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