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H 7860 BPX
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H 7860 BPX

Handleless oven seamless design with food probe and BrilliantLight.
  • Large touch display with movement sensor – M Touch + MotionReact
  • Keep an eye on what’s cooking anywhere at any time – FoodView
  • Minimal cleaning effort – Pyrolytic cleaning equipment & PyroFit
  • Especially light dough and nicely browned crusts – Moisture plus
  • Ensures your food won’t overcook – TasteControl

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What’s included

  • Mains cable
  • Mains plug
  • Baking tray with PerfectClean (1)
  • Universal tray with PerfectClean (1)
  • Baking and roasting rack PyroFit (1)
  • PyroFit FlexiClip runners (1)
  • Removable PyroFit side runners (pair) (1)
  • Descaling tablets (2)

Product data sheet

Construction type
Built-in oven
Construction type and design
ColourBrilliant white
Convenience features
DisplayM Touch
Operating modes
Automatic programmes Yes
Moisture plus with Fan plus
Moisture plus with Conventional heat
Moisture plus with Conventional heat
Moisture plus with Conventional heat
Convenience features
Wireless food probe
Keeping warm
Crisp function
User convenience
MotionReact: light comes on when movement is detected
MotionReact: display comes on when movement is detected
MotionReact: audible signal is acknowledged when movement is detected
MotionReact: detection of cabinet fronts
Programmable start of cooking duration
Programmable end of cooking duration
Target temperature display
Buzzer when desired temperature is reached
Operating modes
Country-specific automatic programmes
Auto roast
Gentle bake
Economy grill
Fan plus
Intensive bake
Moisture plus
Low temperature cooking
Conventional heat
Top heat
Bottom heat
Fan grill
Special applications
Efficiency and sustainability
Energy efficiency class (A+++ - D)A+
User convenience
Help function
Timed steam bursts programmable
Polyphonic buzzers
Time of day display
Clock synchronisation
Date display
Minute minder
Programmable cooking duration
Door button confirmation
Actual temperature display
Recommended temperature
Buzzer when desired temperature is reached
User programmes
Individual settings
CleanGlass door
Oven compartment
Large capacity oven76
Oven compartment volume in l76
No. of shelf levels5
Numbered shelf levels
XXL oven compartment 76
Cleaning convenience
Pyrolytic self-cleaning
Heated catalyser
Sensor lock
Efficiency and sustainability
Energy efficiency class (A+++ - D) A+
Residual heat utilisation
Rapid heat-up
Networking of domestic appliances
SuperVision display
Technical data
Oven lightBrilliantLight
Niche width min in mm560
Niche width max in mm568
Niche height min in mm593
Niche height max in mm595
Niche depth in mm550
Appliance width in mm595
Appliance height in mm596
Appliance depth in mm568
Weight in kg47.00
Voltage in V220-240
Frequency in Hz50
Fuse rating in A16
Number of phases1
Length of supply lead in m1.50
Appliance cooling system and touch-cool front
Safety switch-off
System lock
Door lock during pyrolytic cleaning
Technical data
Total rated load in kW3,70
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H226x-1B/BP/E/EP/I/IP, H2x6xB/BP, H7x6xB/BP/BPX, installation drawings

If the oven is to be installed under a hob

follow the instructions for installing the hob and the height of the hob.


H226x-1B/BP/E/EP/I/IP, H2760B/BP, H28x0B/BP, H7x6xB/BP/BPX, installation drawings


H2760B/BP, H28x0B/BP, H7x6xB/BP/BPX, installation drawings

22 mm - glass


3 mm - metal

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