High suction power. Low consumption.

What do you expect of a vacuum cleaner? High cleaning performance with low energy consumption? Naturally! Convenient handling and a high level of hygiene? Of course! Reliable quality and long service life? Certainly. These have always been Miele's key criteria for a first-class vacuum cleaner. Because user requirements are the focus when Miele products are developed: Every Miele vacuum cleaner is designed to meet your wishes and requirements as precisely as possible. In doing so, Miele by far exceeds the criteria of the EU energy label. Miele vacuum cleaners offer further important features that a good vacuum cleaner should have. The diagram shows the most important aspects of Miele's best performance concept:
Efficient - SmartPower Technology: EcoLine Plus*
Miele offers two types of motors for your floor care requirements: EcoLine and PowerLine. Regardless of which Miele vacuum cleaner you choose: each model offers you the ideal balance of performance and consumption.
Perfect cleaning performance: PowerLine
With a peak power of 1200 Watts, the PowerLine models have particularly powerful suction. The appliance is designed with maximum motor power for uncompromisingly thorough cleaning of all floors. The superior cleaning performance of Miele PowerLine vacuum cleaners is particularly impressive.
Features vary depending on model. Images for illustration purposes only.