Why have an EU energy label?

An energy label is being introduced in line with EU regulations for vacuum cleaners in order to reduce European energy consumption and to make the performance of appliances more transparent for the customer. It will also contribute towards environmental protection. With the introduction of the energy label, the nominal power consumption for vacuum cleaners was limited to 1600 Watts.
When was the energy label introduced?
From 1 September 2014 all vacuum cleaners throughout Europe have had an energy label. The nominal power consumption for vacuum cleaners is limited to less than 1600 Watts in accordance with the Eco Design Directive.
Energy efficiency class
It indicates how much power each vacuum cleaner uses and hence its electricity consumption. Factors taken into account include the lifespan of the appliance, environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes and how easily recyclable the product is.
Features vary depending on model. Images for illustration purposes only.